Our Approach

What I Do:

  • Blogging, copywriting and content creation
  • Passionate storytelling for your business
  • Social media management
  • Website setup and design
  • Out of the box marketing ideas
  • SEO

I put my heart into everything I do. My success is found when I see the people I have assisted, successful in their own ventures. I can't wait to create something wonderful with you!

Let me help you build a strong foundation for your business using the most efficient business practices and awesome marketing techniques!

Our Story

Who Am I?

I am a new mom who thrives on order, organization, and systems.
While these things are less common in my home nowadays, I'm here to bring them into yours.

I spent my 20's primarily worked for Fortune 500's. I was a number, in a cubicle, who finally broke free. While I learned many things in this environment, my greatest and most enjoyable career moments occured when I took a leap into something completely new. I've pulled telephone cable in high-rises, taught kids how to snowboard & helped build boats. Variety is the spice of life & I love to learn.  I am up for any new challenge that comes my way.

I am a producer. A problem-solver. And I am 100% insanely dedicated to the work I do.


Megan Gilmour


I was born and raised in the snowy mountains of Southern California. (There is such a place.) Living my dream by helping others live theirs.


Michael S.

Director of Tasks & Responsibility

Michael pretty much runs the show. His unending curiosity of all things tech, keeps me learning and on my toes daily.




Bruno is an old-fashioned numbers guy. He enjoys ham.

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